13 Best Hate Comments of 2013

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hate comments

Ahhh, it’s that time of year again. 2013 is coming to a close, prepare yourselves to be flooded with tons of redundant round-up blog posts.

13 Best Photos from 2013 – 13 Best Travel Moments from 2013 – 2013 in Highlights – (or my personal favorite) 13 Amazing, Free Trips I Took as a “Professional” Travel Blogger in 2013 That None of You Could Ever Afford, Suckas!

Sound about right?

God, gag me.

hate comments

I know what you’re thinking, pot calling the kettle black much, right? While 2013 might have been the best year for me to date in terms of travel, I am not the kind of person who needs to round it all up and rub it in your faces. That’s not my jam. If anything, 2013 was the most incredible year for me because I learned a ton of lessons, grew as person, followed my dreams and a bunch of other deep shit.

But if I learned one important lesson, it was to laugh at the haters.

2013 was an incredible year for my blog, where my audience grew and grew, and I suppose it makes sense that along with that growth trolls would start to appear, little by little.

Though I need to be honest here, I think I get more trolls than the average travel blogger, which I’ve learned to be ok with because I know they’re just jealous muahahhaha!

hate comments

Ok, not really. I know I get a lot of hate for three reasons – 1. I have no filter. 2. I have an opinion. 3. I say what I think.

And you know what? I wish MORE bloggers did that. I made a choice years ago with this blog to keep it real, to be honest, and to say what I REALLY think about a place, no matter what. In this day and age of online everything, honesty makes all the difference.

And come on! Is originality dead, people?

Besides, being PC all the damn time is boring, and nobody wants to read that. At least I don’t.

hate comments

A year ago I wrote a post about the 10 best hate comments I’ve ever gotten, and the response I got was astonishing, in fact, it’s STILL astonishing – I get messages all the time from people relating to that post. Not bloggers necessarily, but people who could relate to the hate.

Whether it’s a coworker, a client, or a so-called friend, everyone has a hater or two in their lives, no matter how nice you can be. Nobody’s perfect, and those who act like they are, are just pretending.

Dealing with hate is something everyone can relate to.

It’s not a question of getting rid of the haters, it’s a question of how you DEAL with them. This is something that took me 12 months to learn. That’s why I wrote a that article a year ago – for myself, how to tackle the hate, how to not let it get me down, and ultimately learn to laugh at it.

I used to get so upset when I got a hate comment, sometimes I’d even cry. But what good does that do? Learning to laugh it off builds confidence too.

hate comments

Source JennyCreates on Etsy

I’ve seen some fellow bloggers get some whoppers of a hate comment, and in general they go two routes – 1. They don’t say anything, nose in the air they are above that petty crap or 2. they say thank you for your comment.

I have no pretensions here; I’m not that mature. While I am polite and gracious on my posts on other websites and publications, Young Adventuress is MY space where I can drop f-bombs and say whatever I think. Hello, isn’t that the point of a blog?

So when someone leaves me a hate comment that I notice, I feel I am well within my right to answer honestly. You give me your opinion, I’ll give you mine. Be prepared.

So instead of a boring recap filler post, I’ll do my best to entertain you with my own misfortunes!

So without further ado, let’s see who made the cut for 2013 for my hater hall of fame!

1. The Solo Female Traveler’s Manifesto


hate comments

2. Five Foods to Avoid in Spain – this was a guest post from me on LandLopers

**In my defense, two points – firstly, this was not my regular audience and therefore were unaccustomed to my blatant sarcasm, frequent irony and general bluntness, and point two, this was picked up and translated by a very famous Spanish foodie website here WITHOUT talking to me first and basically ripped me a new one because they didn’t understand what I was saying, riling up a crowd of angry pitch-fork wielding non-English speakers who already were inclined to hate me AND were unaccustomed to my blatant sarcasm, frequent irony and general bluntness – pero os perdono gilipollas.

Translated “Well, I completely disagree with this “wonderful” lady who doesn’t know anything and acts like she has never set foot in Spain….God, I’d like to gag her!”


hate comments

3. Almost Dying in Dublin

“I’m glad you are alive but you so easily could have died and it would solely be your fault.” 

Me – Ouch, now that was just mean!

4. Almost Dying in Dublin

“You’re an idiot! I hope you learnt a valuable lesson.”

Me –  Hey be nice. There are only 4 people in my life who are allowed to call me an idiot ,and you’re not one of them. Besides, I was 19, which is pretty much the same thing.

hate comments

5. 10 Things I Really Wish People Would Stop Doing on Airplanes

“Have you heard the term “you get what you pay for”? All your troubles can be resolved, simply by purchasing a business class ticket or better yet a first class seat and forever quit your complaining. Maybe use all those air miles you’ve racked up to upgrade from economy next time. You lack a ton of common sense and have publicly embarrassed yourself with these whiny comments.”

Me – It has nothing to do with what class you’re in, this was about how people behave and the total lack of respect people have on planes, no matter where they’re sitting. From your bitchy comment, I’m guessing you fit the bill perfectly on at least 2 of these types of people.

hate comments

6. 10 Things I Really Wish People Would Stop Doing on Airplanes

“The one thing I don’t get is the peanut thing. People really shouldn’t expect others to change their lifestyles to revolve around their own issues. I am a vegetarian and despise the smell of meat products, trust me those are nauseating and waft around the cabin like crazy, but I would never try to tell someone else what they can or can’t eat in public. It’s my issue, if I can’t handle it I should not fly. It’s up to the person with the allergy to remove themselves from a situation that will trigger adverse effects.”

Me – What the actual FUCK?!

If you smell or touch meat, you don’t die. If I smell or touch peanuts, I very likely will die. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Saying I should never fly because I was unlucky enough to be born with a life threatening illness is horrible and you should be ashamed of yourself. Being a vegetarian is a choice, having a severe peanut allergy isn’t.

hate comments

7. How to NOT to Be a Douche Online

“For someone writing a blog about how not to be a douche online, you do a pretty good job of being a total douche!”

Me – I guess I had that coming, but in the meantime, please clarify my exact douchiness.

8. The Do’s and Don’ts of an Iceland Road Trip

“While I liked some of this post your comment about bathrooms makes me livid. Travelers ignore this part! One of the most incredible things we found in Iceland was the wide availability of public restrooms- all clean!! We traveled the ring road and deep off it into the westfjords and did not once desecrate this gorgeous country!

In fact, I read an article earlier this fall all about how terrible the “foreigners going the bathroom everywhere despite wide access to toilets” has gotten. This is terrible! You are encouraging travelers to abuse the country. This is terrible advice! And couldn’t be more incorrect.”

Me – Oh ok, I’m sure you know our itinerary better than we do, and you of course know where the rest stops better than the Icelander who planned the trip with us. I can’t stand high and mighty comments like this, makes me want to punch a wall.

hate comments

9. My Ryanair Horror Stories

“You come across as somebody who can’t be arsed to do some simple research!  Your the one at fault for All of the above incidents! Don’t get me wrong, I too dislike Ryanair but fair is fair! They never hide any guidelines, if anything they advertise then more than most airlines, you get what it says on the tin from them. Budget airline!!”

Me – Your opinion is invalid since your grammar is appalling.

10. Trouble in Luxor: My Experience Getting Harassed in Egypt

“We really don’t need such awful articles like this! We need our country to stand up against people like you who tell tourists not to come. Show some mercy you terrible American!”

Me – Stop putting words in my mouth! Gah! I hate it when people say I said things when I didn’t! I didn’t say people shouldn’t go to Luxor, I just said that if you’re a blonde girl with a bosom, cover up and prepare to get hollered at. A lot.

hate comments

11. Top 5 Reasons Why I HATE the Auxiliar Program in Spain

“It’s true that I may have a moan about the programme to a close friend, but that is completely different to writing a blog entry, and something … that is written in such an immature way.

If you wish to be jokey and sarcastic, then change your writing style, or put a disclaimer, explaining yourself. If you wish to be taken as a serious narrator of life in Spain, then terms such as “d-bag” and other inappropriate words should be taken out of your dialogue.”

Me –  Do you know what a blog is?

12. My Travel Pet Peeves

“Amusing article..all that complaining? And I get the feeling in a word, you’re a class A C#@T”

Me – sigh, you haven’t made it until someone calls you a c*** in public, right?

13. Ok, you tell me, what’s the best hate comment you’ve ever gotten? How do you deal with the haters out there?

hate comments

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  1. bahaha! i have to say, i love a lot of your spots but these are always my favorite! and i completely agree with you, more bloggers need to be blunt and honest and tell it like it is (including me). you have opinions, you want to share them, and dangit! it’s more interesting when you’re more honest!


  2. I can’t believe you get these kinds of comments, I can’t believe anyone does. The worst I got was someone saying I was cheap because I didn’t want to go to an overpriced tourist restaurant but other than that most of my comments are of the ‘nice photo!’ variety. I’m quite vocal when I don’t like things and I too wish more bloggers were. Sorry that means you get hate comments!

    1. Ah it’s ok, it comes with the territory. I just made the choice to write the same way I talk with friends and I think it rubs some random people the wrong way. oh well, can’t win them all!

  3. Great 2013 round-up post! I somehow missed #2 this year (not somehow, it’s probably because it was a guest post on a blog I don’t follow…). It’s a shame they took your words out of context, but oh well. Over with, done with — on to 2014!

    1. Yeah, if any of them bothered me the most, it was that one. I wrote that post in my snappy, sassy style and they completely twisted it around without chatting with me first. And the worst part is that if they had understood my reasoning behind it, they would have agreed 100%. Hate the haters

  4. I can’t, I just can’t. I really needed this today, and I like you because you’re you. TROLL on that.

    And do whatever the fuck you want! It’s your corner of the internet, as far as I’m concerned. You have 100% full disclosure on your blog, and haters may hate, but you jus keep on doing whatever pleases you. The end.

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