Happy Mother’s Day!

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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy mother’s day! ¡Feliz día de la madre! The last time I saw my mom was in January before she left for work, and I left Virginia to go see my dad in Maryland. Being away from my family, especially my mom, has been probably the hardest thing this year. The fact that I can’t pick up my phone to call her or come home for a long weekend has been so hard. In Spain everyone is very close to their families, especially to the mamá who holds everything together like glue. Seeing people here interact with their moms here makes me more than nostalgic and incredibly homesick. There are such strong familial bonds here; I have yet to see the equivalent back home. It’s one of the things I love most about Spain, and it makes me want to build even stronger relationships with my family. So this post is dedicated to my mamá, who has supported me through thick and thin over the years and who has inspired me and given me the strength to go for my dreams and survive this year abroad. I love you-¡te quiero!

My mom and I in the backyard in Virginia

At graduation last year

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