Las cruces de mayo

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So basically ever since I moved to Spain in September everyone has been telling me, just wait til May, just wait til May! May in Córdoba is out of control! There is literally a different festival going on for the entire month, actually since the last week of April (Semana Santa). Well, May is here, and so are the parties. Last weekend kicked off the first festival, las cruces de mayo (The May Crosses). There is a tradition that over the weekend big crosses of flowers surrounded by overflowing flower pots are placed in squares all over the city. And what do they put next to the crosses? Well an outdoor bar of course! There are put up by the different brotherhoods (cofradías) from Semana Santa to raise money. Typical Spain, put up a giant cross with a bar next to it. Gotta love it!

Unfortunately the weather was crappy and it rained a lot, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits as we bar-hopped from cross to cross all weekend. All the tents served cheap typical drinks and tapas, but we also tried a really good white wine from Montilla, which is a town in the Córdoba province, called Pale Cream. You just buy the bottle and get little cups to share with your friends. Basically cruces is just one giant street party. Did I mention all of the tents play flamenco music? By the end of the end of the weekend I found myself asking does everyone in Córdoba know how to dance sevillanas? I think yes, and I need to learn real fast before fería starts! It was so great to head out with your friends and have some food, see the beautiful cross, maybe steal some flowers to put in your hair and have a few drinks before seeing if you are bold (or tipsy) enough to attempt some flamenco steps! Such a great atmosphere!

IMG_5319Cross in the Plaza de la Corredera

IMG_5303 (1)Cross on the Cuesta del Bailio

IMG_5266Cross near my apartment in the Plaza de San Andrés


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