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Ok, so this week has been pretty awesome so far! My friend Jen came up from Jerez to visit, and we spent our time exploring the famous patios of Córdoba. Once a year there is a festival where private houses open up their courtyards to the public and compete on who has the most beautiful interior patio or courtyard. It’s great because you get to see a part of Córdoba that is usually closed.

Typical patio in Córdoba

My birthday is on Saturday; I am turning 23 on May 14th! As my lovely, kind students say, I am very old! ¡Qué vieja! I am very lucky because on the same day there is Romería in the pueblo where I work (Espejo). From what I gather, this is another all-day drinking affair, where we will literally ride out into the campo in the olive groves in covered wagons, eating, drinking, dancing and being merry! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday! Tons of posts coming soon-promise!

On Sunday I found out that I am going to be an aunt for the first time!! My brother and his wife are expecting a baby in December, and I am so very, very excited to greet a new member of my family! (Note the excessive use of exclamation points! Yay!)

I will officially be spending June on the beach in Málaga since I found an apartment to rent.

And FINALLY, on Monday, I received an email from the program in La Rioja, offering a spot working in downtown Logroño, splitting my time between two elementary schools (which is exactly what I wanted). I had been debating on whether to stay in Spain or not for another year for a while now, but after receiving this awesome news, I decided I am gonna do it! Everyday I fall in love with Spain a little more, and I’ve decided I can’t leave just yet; I am not done with Spain, and you know what? I don’t think Spain is done with me either. So, I will be moving to Logroño in mid-September, just in time for the wine harvest! Bring on the vino tinto! My plan is to spend June at the beach around Málaga, fly to Switzerland for my best friend’s wedding, fly back to the States for July, August, September (eating as many quesadillas, cheeseburgers, and philly cheesesteaks as possible, and undoubtedly destroying several months worth of running), before returning to Spain in the fall! All of this pending of course on whether I can figure out the convoluted process of renewing my residency card and don’t get deported in the process. Wish me luck!

Map of Spain. La Rioja is in the north, the small yellow region, near France

View of Logroño

Beautiful vineyards in La Rioja, an area famous for its red wine

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  1. Hey thanks! I’ve been reading your blog too-I love it! How long are you in France for? Can you stay for another year?

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