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My walk across Córdoba every morning

On my last day of school I decided to bring my camera with me to document my walk. Everyday for 8 months, I walked the same route, rain or shine, and I figured I might as well photograph it (since I photograph everything else). For me it serves as a reminder of the narrow streets and old crumbling buildings I saw every day and that I love so much. It reminds me how lucky I was to have such a beautiful commute; as much as I hated getting up so early, I doubt I will ever have one so nice again! I would leave my apartment at 7:45 and walk briskly across town to get picked up by one of the teachers at 8:15 to make the 30 minute drive to Espejo, the pueblo where my school is. The drive was so beautiful, hills of olive groves as far as you could see, and now that summer has arrived, fields and fields of yellow sunflowers! Gorgeous!

Anyways, I have been playing with the different features on blogger, and I have managed to create a slideshow from my flickr account of my typical morning commute in Spain. Now my wonderful morning is captured forever. Enjoy!

What is your commute to work like? Is it beautiful or tedious?

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

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