Picasso’s Málaga

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“Yo he nacido de un padre blanco y de un pequeño vaso de agua de vida andaluza. Yo he nacido de una madre hija de una hija de quince años nacida en Málaga en los Percheles el hermoso toro que me engendra la frente corona de jazmines.”

Málaga is home to one of Spain’s most famous sons: Pablo Picasso. Born in 1881 in the Plaza de la Merced in Málaga, Picasso lived here until his family moved to the north a decade later. Nowadays hints and remnants of this famous painter can be found all over Málaga. One of my favorite activities in Málaga was visiting the Picasso Museum. This incredible collection is housed in a beautifully restored 16th century palace on Calle San Augustín smack dab in the middle of the historical. So smack dab in fact it is rather hard to find the entrance (unless you actually read signs, unlike me).

Inside you can find 155 pieces of work by Picasso, donated by his family. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of modern art; once you hit the 18th century, generally I lose interest, BUT I really loved this museum. In fact I went back twice because it’s FREE!! That’s right, no money. (I should add that I only got in free because I have a Euro youth card, something to look into, my fellow Europe-loving youths). My point is that even if you don’t love modern art, or even if you do, this is definitely one of my favorite museums in Spain and definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Málaga.

If you are Picasso enthusiast, or just your average dork (like me) then you can also check out the Fundación Picasso, located in the house where Picasso was born, in the Plaza de la Merced. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t that impressed with this museum. Unless you are an avid Picasso-cubist fan, then I would skip it. However, I do think it is worth a look to wander over to the Plaza.

Picasso is everywhere in Málaga. From the names of bars and cafes, to museums to churches, you can find him almost anywhere. Picasso has ties to so many better-known places, but if you going to make the trip to this lively, historic city, then try to make the time to find a little Picasso whilst you’re there. It’s worth it, trust me, and it may surprise you!

Are you a Picasso fan?

Museo Picasso Málaga

Inside the Museo Picasso Málaga


The house where Picasso was born and the Fundación Picasso


Outside the house where Picasso was born

Guernica, one of Picasso’s most famous paintings, house in the Reina Sofía in Madrid

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