Photo Friday: Salamanca, Spain

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When I first truly fell in love with Spain and traveling was when I studied abroad in Salamanca from 2007-2008. The oldest university in Spain and the third oldest in Europe, Salamanca, is filled with medieval, historical charm. Nestled in the south of Castilla y León, one of the most traditional “Castilian” areas in Spain, it has an ageless feeling and tradition about it. Until the sun goes down and the students come out on the town in some of the wildest parties I have ever been to.

This shot is one of the first ones I ever took in Spain. I was wandering around the old quarter of my new city in September, taking a million photos to show to my friends and family back home. All of a sudden I notice a nun in white walking along the street in front of the cathedral. I was first shocked to see a nun in traditional robes (naive me, now I don’t even blink they’re so common) and then I realized this would make an amazing photo. So as suddenly as I could, I whipped my little old canon out and quickly snapped a pic. Until this day, this is one of my favorite pictures I have taken in Spain, one that I feel really captures Salamanca’s spirit of being both a modern and traditional city.
Have you ever been to Salamanca, Spain? Did you study abroad? Did it have a big impact on you like me?

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  1. Hi Liz, I attended a language school in Salamanca for two months during a summer very recently. The school was serious (homework!?), but overall it was a blast. I’m going back for a much longer stretch as soon as I can finally part with the majority of my crap so I can rent out my place. After the helado in Spain, ice cream in the U.S. seems so…graceless…and 1,50€ for a bag of apples? Anyway…

    During my first week I got a cheap phone and used the schools’ computers to make contacts with language exchange partners. I’m convinced this made a huge difference. I had my own friends to hang out with, I got an “in” on what people who lived there did, and I learned much more Spanish. One thing I did not do was the ‘hang out and speak in English with all the other students at the Irish Rover’ thing.

    1. Hey John,

      I am thinking of heading to Spain this summer and I am considering going to Salamanca. I’d like to hear more about your experience. My main goal is to improve my spanish at a school.
      How could I get ahold of you?

  2. Hola! Ayer llegé a Salamanca, es mi primera vez aquí y ya me encanta la cuidad! Es tanta bonita y la gente es muy abierta. Soy danesá y estoy aquí para mejorme en Español. Voy a estar en Salamanca para un mes (:
    Tienes algunos buenos consejos de lugares que tengo que visitar?

    Saluda, Sofie

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