Summer Update!

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So I am back in the grand old USA! I flew home two days ago, and I am writing this post at 4 in the morning, thanks jetlag! I have tons of fun blog posts planned for the summer, especially about all my adventures in Spain and Switzerland in June. I thought I’d give you all a preview of what’s coming in the form of a list! (yes, I know, what a surprise!)

1. I’ve officially found the prettiest beach in Spain-Nerja in Andalucía. I am taking applications for possible beach roommates for next June. Must be fun, a little bit wild, not annoying, adventurous, not chatty and clean-the clean part is non-negotiable. I’m done with dirty roommates. Email if interested 🙂


Yes, the water is actually that color!

2. I’ve said goodbye to Spain for now, see you again in 2 months! I peaced out in true Liz fashion, rearranging and throwing out stuff in my suitcases to fit the weight requirement at the Málaga airport. I have gotten so good at guessing how much my bags weigh, I think I deserve a medal.

This year will be the last time I fly a discount airline on my way to/from the States. It cost me more than the price of the flight for one checked suitcase. WTF?

3. I arrived in Geneva on June 29th for an incredible week, and I spent the first few days helping to set up and prepare C’s Swiss wedding. We turned the church into a forest. Yes, that’s right, a forest. There was ivy, trees, moss, and about a million flowers involved. It was so magical. Best wedding I’ve ever been to!


Garden arches lining the aisle. It looked like a fairytale!

With my friend K, who flew in from Spain for the wedding at the reception

4. Spent my last few days in Europe playing around in the Swiss Alps and on turquoise Lake Neuchâtel, attempting to wakeboard and other fun boat activities. My shoulders are STILL sore, but totally worth it.


The Swiss Alps never get old 🙂


Up on a glacier, and this is in the summer!


Having fun on the lake!

5. I flew home first class from Geneva to Washington D.C. Let me repeat, FIRST CLASS! Explanation to come soon, and yeah, it was freaking awesome, and it’s ruined me. Now that I have experienced pure travel bliss, I don’t know how I will ever fly coach again!

The seat on the right was mine, and FYI it turns into a BED! How cool is that?!

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  1. After all of the travels you’ve gone through, you really deserve first class plane seats. Heck yes!

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