Last few hours….

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Logroño, Spain. My new home

Well the day has arrived. I leave for Spain in about 5 hours. My suitcase is packed with the essentials, my passport is ready, and my flight info is printed. I’ve stocked up on the essentials that I can’t find in Spain, like proper hair conditioner and deodorant, brown sugar, and good orbit gum. I’ve canceled my American cell phone, and I’ve notified my banks. I have various plans ready in case of issues with my baggage. $70 dollars for a second checked bag on an international flight? Hell no! I am flying out of Dulles, D.C.’s biggest airport and I’m planning to arrive super early because it is a flipping nightmare. Dulles is on my hit list for worst airport ever. Right up there with Charles de Gaulle in Paris and Barajas in Madrid.

My flight leaves Washington D.C. this afternoon at half past five, and should arrive bright in early in Madrid tomorrow morning at around 7. Pending I don’t get detained in immigration, I’ll grab my suitcase and drag it through the metro to the bus station where I’ll catch a bus at 10:30 up to Logroño. A 4 hour bus ride after a 8 hour flight, just what I want. Not. I’ll hopefully arrive in Logroño with time for a shower and a siesta before beginning my new life there: apartment search, setting up phone, bank accounts, wifi, ect. You can see I have a plan; I like plans. and lists. But I really hate when crucial things do not go well (even though it usually ends with a funny story to relate later). I am already looking forward to a big glass of yummy red Rioja wine tomorrow night!

I am very, very excited for another year in Spain, especially to be in Logroño in La Rioja. I can’t wait to meet all my fellow auxiliars, and to get to know my two new elementary schools that I’ll be working at. I am excited for all the wine festivals in September, and for when the leaves change and for hiking all around the beautiful countryside. I am excited to experience a whole new side of Spain and to meet new people and see new places. I am excited for this year!

Wish me luck!

My autorización de regreso: this piece of paper stands between me and being deported :/

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  1. Hello Liz.

    I have found your blog surfing the internet reading things about Logroño. I’m from Logroño but I don’t live there. Just reading this post I’d like to comment you that there are bus from Madrid Airport to Logroño ( group), and if you go to Madrid bus station the cheapest company is I don’t know if you are already on your trip, but if you read this on time I hope it is useful for you.

    Anyway, if you need some help in Logroño, maybe I can give you some advice. Enjoy your stay there

  2. Uh oh! I will definitely keep that in mind! I can’t live with out chocolate chip cookies and Spanish brown sugar is soooooo not the same. And I feel you on all but the peanut butter (since I’m super allergic lol), I go through major jamón withdrawal whenever I come home to the states

  3. Once I brought brown sugar to Madrid (because who can live with out brown sugar – not me!). It’s so dry here, though, that it turned into a hard brick. Now, if I want to use it, I have to mix it with water. Seriously. The things I’ll do for brown sugar (and chocolate, and peanut butter, and jamon….)

    Good luck with your journey!

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