Pincho of the Week: Piña y Langostino

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Another one of my favorite pinchos on Calle Laurel in Logroño has to be the piña y langostino at the Juan Pinchamé bar. It three slices of pineapple and three shrimp skewered together, covered in sea salt and oil and grilled served on bread. Somehow all these distinct flavors work together and taste incredible. Make sure you eat it with the bread so you don’t get grease everywhere! It is a simple, classic and delicious pincho that is not to be missed if you ever make it to Logroño!

This is seriously my all-time favorite pincho to be had. I eat it almost every time I go out for pinchos in Logroño.

Would you try it? What’s your favorite pincho or tapa in Spain?

Bar Juan y Pinchamé, Calle Laurel, 9 Logroño



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