Photo Friday: Prague, Czech Republic

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This week’s Photo Friday is Prague.

In 2008 I was backpacking around Europe, and my final stop was Prague. I was so excited to visit there, I spent almost a week in the Czech Republic, taking in all the sights and freezing my ass off. One of my favorite spots in Prague has to be the Charles Bridge, with the view of Prague castle in the distance. I snapped this shot, early in the morning before the city woke up and the crowds came out. The silhouettes of the statues are almost haunting for me, perfect for such a memorable city.

Have you ever been to Prague? What’s your favorite place there?

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  1. I’ve only been to Prague once, for a Hockey tournament my boyfriend was is. Although we did get to see something of the town, our visits were arranged around the hockey matches, so I wouldn’t mind going back some day to really take in the city.

  2. Superb blog! I mean everything about it. I’ve not been to Prague before but soon will be as I’ve managed to plan a few short Prague city breaks with a few of my mates. Lovely. Will defo post my Prague experience soon here. (bookmarked your blog!)

  3. I love Prague, I was there a few years ago in winter before all the tourists started coming. it was magical. and really really cold!

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