Pincho of the Week: Solomillo al Roquefort

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The other day C and I went for pinchos on Laurel in Logroño. I know, I know, what a surprise. For some reason I was craving meat. After getting sick in Egypt and getting food poisoning, I was finally well enough to eat something besides rice. We decided to try a new bar, one that we always see, but had never gone inside. Bar Donosti is right smack in the center of everything on Laurel.

Donosti is the Basque word for San Sebastián, a beautiful city north of Logroño on the coast, famous for its fancy pinchos. As we walked inside a nice couple by the door told us we just had to try the solomillo al roquefort (steak with roquefort cheese). Since I love getting food suggestions just as much as I love stinky French cheese, I was already sold. C was feeling less bold and went for the boletus pincho, which was also delicious.

The thinly sliced meat was piled on top of a big hunk of bread smothered in smelly blue Roquefort cheese. All the flavors come together perfectly in your mouth, so it’s not too overwhelming. Just make sure it’s not the last pincho you have and that you bring gum with you.

Would you try this pincho?

Pincho Solomillo al Roquefort

Pincho Solomillo al Roquefort

Pincho Solomillo al Roquefort

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