Pincho of the Week: Stuffed Peppers

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Stuffed peppers


In Logroño the variety of pinchos available can be somewhat daunting and overwhelming. With dozens of bars to chose from, where to begin? However, I have always been a half glass full kinda girl, so I prefer to think of it as so many new pinchos to try! You can find everything here, from the fancy, gourmet and gastronomic pinchos to the good hearty, filling, classic go-to pinchos, with everything in between, there is something for everyone.

In June, my good friend B introduced me to her favorite go-to pincho, pimiento relleno de carne (red bell pepper stuffed with meat). I fell in love after the first bite and immediacy ordered another. You know a pincho is damn good if you eat two of the same one in a day! A red pepper is stuffed with spiced up ground beef or pork, and lightly fried, it has enough kick and flavor to leave you wanting to stand up and shout more please!

Stuffed peppers are one of many hearty, fried delicious pinchos served up at Bar Sebas on the famous Calle Laurel pincho street in Logroño. I’ve always passed this hole in the wall bar and never thought twice about going in. It is probably the least pretentious bar in Logroño, with photos and handwritten or typed signs covering the walls, and an impressive display of pinchos lined up on the counter and an even more impressive wine list on the wall (more than 120 to chose from!) Honestly, I always thought this place looked kinda dodgy, unchanged since Franco’s time, and so tiny, you can easily walk by and not even notice it. But man, do their pinchos pack a punch!

Famous for the tortilla de patata, which is also delicious, Bar Sebas is usually packed with locals every day. Now thanks to B, pimiento relleno de carne is now one of my favorite pinchos in Logroño! Whenever I was something guaranteed delicious, simple and filling, I head down my street to Bar Sebas!

What’s your favorite pincho or tapa in Spain? Do you have a go-to dish that you can always rely on? Have you ever tried stuffed peppers in Spain?

Stuffed peppers
Stuffed peppersStuffed peppers
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed peppers
Stuffed peppers

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  1. So, call me a dork but I’ve been wanting to go to Logrono ever since I heard about the witch trials in Logrono on True Blood! LOL
    anywho…I must also go for the pinchos….. These look delicious!

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