Turkey As Seen from My iPhone

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Turkey travel iphone

So I am fresh off the plane from Istanbul, and one of the best trips of my life traveling around Turkey!

I am also superbly jetlagged and can barely remember my own name which is why I am writing a photo post instead of my usual 3000 word anecdote or rant. Everyone likes pictures, right? I just can’t wait until I edit everything and regain my brainpower to begin sharing my adventures with you guys!

5 months ago when I moved home from Europe for the first time in years, I decided to invest in an iPhone 5 and sign up for a phone plan. I had been making do with a slide phone and pay as you go for the better part of three years. It was time to join the big leagues. Best. Decision. Ever. Seriously, my iPhone is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m addicted!

Turkey travel iphone

Now the camera on this fancy phone is SWANK! It takes really great photos for a cell phone, and I definitely used it a lot when I was in Turkey, instagramming anything and everything, sharing my adventures in real time with everyone. Iphoneography (yes that is a word now) is the new big thing on the social media sphere, and I am doing my part to conquer it. I eat images for breakfast, so this is right up my alley.  Now if you don’t follow me on Instagram (shame on you) I’ve gone ahead and selected the best of the bunch for this post, while I slowly trudge my way through the thousands of photos and videos I took on my big-girl camera and new GoPro.

Now traveling with a nice phone camera is a great idea! Nowadays, we share information quickly and fast. It is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends when you are traveling, and it’s so easy to send a photo straight from your phone. Also, it’s really easy to capture beautiful, fast moments without fumbling around with a proper camera and being obtrusive. On an iPhone it’s as easy as swish and flick. Almost like Harry Potter (100 points to anyone who understands that reference).

Here are my favorite photos I took on my iPhone while traveling around Turkey. Don’t fret, I will have lots more posts coming soon about my crazy adventures!

**UPDATE** All those posts are now live!:

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Going Underground in Cappadocia

Rappelling off a Castle in Cappadocia

Exploring the Ancient Ruins of Ephesus

A Glimpse into Bohemian Istanbul

The Colors of Istanbul

The Flavors of Istanbul


My first day in Istanbul, outside the Blue Mosque

The incredible ceiling of the Blue Mosque

The famous Aya Sofya

Inside the Aya Sofya

Turkey travel iphone

Learning to cook traditional Turkish food with Turkish Flavours!

Exploring the famous spice market

The harem inside the Topkapi PalaceTurkey travel iphone

20 course lunch on the Asian side of Istanbul

Crossing back over the Bosphorus by ferry Turkey travel iphone

The incredible Hotel Empress Zoe where I stayed

Beautiful lights for sale in the bazaar


Cappadocia landscape

Turkey travel iphone

Making some pottery

Turkey travel iphone

Sunset after the snow

Cappadocia is famous for these weird pilar-like volcanic rock formations

Turkey travel iphone

Turkey travel iphone

Old Greek village of Mustafapasa at sunset

 Turkey travel iphone

Hot air balloon ride at dawn with Royal Balloon

Turkey travel iphone

Turkey travel iphone

Exploring Cappadocia with Middle Earth Travel

Turkey travel iphone

Turkey travel iphone

Rappelling off of a castle

Turkey travel iphone


Turkey travel iphone

ATV adventures

Turkey travel iphone

Some of my favorite Turkish deserts, including backlava

From the roof terrace of the Kelebek Hotel

Turkey travel iphone

The jacuzzi in my cave suite at the Kelebek Hotel


Driving up the coast to Ephesus with About Ephesus Tours

The library at Ephesus

The House of the Virgin Mary, where it is said she spent her final days


Roman theater at Ephesus

 Goodbye Turkey!

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  1. Wow. Can’t believe Turkey was barely a blip on my radar until now >< I will definitely have to go there next year. Great pics. What phone plan did you sign up for? I'm buying an iPhone for my travels as well but I thought my only option was an eye-watering international bill or just buying a cheap SIM w/plan in each country(?) Also, did you buy the Unlocked iPhone?

  2. Great pictures Liz! Always incredible what you can capture on the go with your iPhone.

    I think we (myself and Will) might have been in Istanbul at the same time as you! We were flying from Nairobi to Bangkok, moving from weeks of safari to incredible SEA. Decided to take a full day layover in Istanbul to enjoy walking around the incredible sites and enjoying some of the delicious local fare.

    Istanbul is an incredible place to spend a few days. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. On the second uploaded picture, are those also the weird volcanic like pillars between the buildings? Are they windows on them?

    1. Yes those are windows! They’re cave houses! People built into those rocks and built houses, most of them now are boutique hotels 🙂 super cool, right?

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