Pincho of the Week: Carrilleras de Cerdo

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pincho Carrilleras de Cerdo

Last Friday was a bright and sunny day here in Logroño, so my friend C and I decided to break with tradition and go out for pinchos for lunch instead of dinner. After grabbing some of our go-to pinchos, we decided to try something new. We walked a away from Laurel to the end of the street next to my apartment in Plaza San Augustín and found a new bar called Taberna de Correos.

As soon as we entered, déjà-vu hit me smack in the face. This was one of the first pincho bars I ever went to in Logroño in September, before I even knew the good ones or even knew my way around the city. I had tried to find this place before but never could. They had tons of fun pinchos to chose from, but we decided to go with the pincho estrella (Star Pincho) called carrilleras de cerdo ibérico con reducción de Satinela (Iberian pork cheeks with in a white wine reduction). Satinela is a type of semi sweet white wine made by the Marqués de Cáceres bodega here in La Rioja.

Now pig cheeks (the face, not the other ones hehe) may not sound like your cup of tea. But trust me, they are delicious! Carrilleras are a popular dish here in La Rioja, and I have become a huge convert this year. It’s some of the most tender, softest meat you will ever eat, usually served up with potatoes in a stew or thick sauce of some kind. Literally melt in your mouth kind of good. Don’t knock it til you try it!

Have you ever eaten something that sounds unappetizing but ended up loving it? Ever tried carrilleras?


pincho Carrilleras de Cerdo


Please someone tell me what is wrong with this picture

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for quite awhile, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented before. I actually came to love carrillera thanks to my family in Puerto Rico. My grandfather forced me to try some and I have been oh so thankful ever since!
    And that couple in the picture…wow. That takes PDA to an entirely different level.

  2. yum yum yum yum yum. if my ham-makin’ suegro wouldn’t have forced me to try pig cheek, i would never, EVER be as in love with carrillera (often carrillada down in dese parts) as i am now. i had some with mashed potatoes and a pedro ximenez reduction a few weeks ago…at a rest stop on the A-92! SO GOOD. My dinner of salad and a hto dog is looking so dismal now.

  3. He he he he!! The last photo. Too funny. I’m genuinely chuckling right now. Got to love my Beavis and Butthead sense of humor! What the hell is she doing?!

    Pigs cheeks? Girl, you are adventurous!!! I really need to explore Spain, using your blog as a guide!

    1. I didn´t even realize it til I was editing it on my computer. I was just taking a wide shot of the bar! Who knows? Its spain, they have a totally different concept of PDA.

      come to Spain and eat with me! I know you like wine hehe, I live in the wine region, one of these tapas and a glass of vintage costs 3 euros, max. Cant get that in Paris 🙂

    2. That’s even more hilarious that you caught this when you were at home, and you were innocently taking a photo of the bar. You got to love that. My question is why is she squeezing his ass INSIDE his pants?! That’s just gross…especially on a warm summer day.

      3 euros for a glass of vintage?! SOLD! I’d love to do the Spain by Liz tour one of these days! You sure know your stuff! : )

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